Our mission

We have set ourselves the goal of helping to make the world a better place.

Green Mission

We live in a wonderful world, and we want to do our part to preserve the environment for future generations.


4.5 trillion cigarette butts, equivalent to 750,000 tonnes of microplastics pollute the environment, annually Scientific Reports 


E cigarettes / Vapes are environmentally friendly compared to tobacco. However, we try to make the product's environmental footprint as easy as possible.
You can help us take care of our environment by delivering used batteries for recycling. Read more at sorter.no (Norway) or sopor.nu (Sweden)

Soon we will also come up with a solution where you can save your empty Nordic Light batteries and pods.

Then you should be able to order a free return envelope for empty Nordic Light pods and batteries here. 


When you have 20 empty batteries or pods, or more, you can send these to us in the return envelope.
We will then recycle, and give you free shipping on your next order.

We call it: The Nordic Choice.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is part of our Norwegian heritage, and we want to facilitate cooperation with our members, to help create a better world.


For each product sold, we donate kr. 1, - for a social purpose, which you can vote for.

Register here,so your vote counts.


Every time you buy a Nordic Light product, you will help people who need it.


We call it: The Nordic Choice.