Nicotine Mixing Cards

With this form you can easily calculate how much nicotine you need to mix in your e juice, to get the desired strength. 

In the green row you can find your desired nicotine strength. In the blue column you can find the amount of ready-mixed e-juice, after you have filled up on nicotine. 

Where the amount of ready-mixed e-juice crosses your desired strength, you will find how much 100mg of nicotine base you need to replenish your e-juice, to achieve your desired strength.

With us you can buy 50ml nicotine-free e juice in 60ml bottles, so you can replenish nicotine base directly in the e juice bottle. 

You can also buy 10ml bottles of 100 mg nicotine base. If you follow the yellow line, you will find exactly how much nicotine base to add to your 50 ml e juice. 

For example: I have 50 ml of e-juice and want 6 mg strength on my ready-mixed e-juice, then I have to mix 3.6 ml of nicotine base (100mg) in the e-juice. (See pink line).

The easiest and safest way to mix is to purchase a disposable syringe, which you can buy at a pharmacy. We recommend 5 to 10 ml syringes, for accuracy.