E-pod for refilling of e-juice, for Nordic Light No5 e cigarette

You can easily fill e-juice on this e-pod, which has been developed for use with the Nordic Light No5 e-cigarette. The e-pod is top-filled, which protects you against spills and leaks.

No5 e cigarette and No5 e-pod are magnetic, which increases ease of use and ensures good contact.

The smart pod is easy to use. It contains everything you need for a No5 e cigarette, and is refillable. With an ergonomic mouthpiece, it fits well in the mouth, and gives a good puff, without too much resistance.

You can buy an extra ePod separately, here.

You can buy e-juice to refill the e-pod, here.

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The No5 e-pod is top-filled. Remove the nozzle and fill your favourite e-juice in one of the two holes on the sides. The e-pod contains 2ML e-liquid, fill it up to ¾, put on the mouthpiece, and you have a tight and good pod, ready to be inserted into the No5 e cigarette battery. Let it rest for a minute or two, to allow the e-juice to soak well into the coil, before taking your first puff.

The e-pod is magnetic and attaches easily and securely to the No5 e cigarette. Because it fills from the top, you avoid spills and leakage of e-juice.

Nordic Light No5 is an elegant, discreet and user-friendly e-cigarette, or vape pen, if you will, which gives everything from beginners to advanced users a good vape experience, with satisfactory strength and vapor to cope with the transition from tobacco cigarettes. Read more about No5 e cigarette here.

The package contains three refillable ePods, and instruction manual.


An e-pod usually has a lifespan of 10 fillings. When you experience increased resistance in the mouthpiece, or that you are not happy with the amount of vapor, or that you get a slightly burnt taste, then it is time to change the e-pod.

Most people prefer to have several e-pods with different flavours, so you do not have to rinse the pod between flavour changes.

We have e-juice for every taste. Most people want to start with tobacco or menthol in the transition from tobacco cigarettes. Gradually, you often develop a palate for other flavours. See information about Nordic Light e-juice here. (Link to e-juice).


Email: 2ML

Coil resistance: 1.2Ω (ohm)

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