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In 2012, WHO (The World Health Organisation) called for a regulation on e-cigarettes, in order to give the consumers safer products.

53 top international scientists wrote an open letter to Maggie Chan, the Chief of WHO, as a response to the call, stating:

«E-cigarettes may be among the most significant innovations within health 
in the 21st century – and can possibly save hundreds of millions of lives»
53 international leading scientists in an open letter to WHO Chief Margaret Chan


The first e-cigarette saw the day of light in China in 2003, and soon spread from Asia to America and Europe. The beginning was relatively motley, with home-made batteries and components, and e-liquid of doubtful origin.

The first e-cigarette was a cig-a-like

In 2014 EU Commission launched the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) which legalise e-cigarettes throughout the union. Every country in the union was to implement the framework regulation by May 2016. Most countries in the union has complied, resulting in a registration system for national and cross-boarder sale of e-cigarettes.


We welcome the regulations, as it wipes out the shady businesses and bring forward the safe products for the consumers.

In Norway, an EFTA member, the politicians has decided Norway should be as close to EU’s regulations as possible, and the new national tobacco directive passed the parliament twice in December 2016 and the King passed the bill in January 2017. Now we are only awaiting the Health Department to adjust the regulations, followed by opening of registration in July 2018, hopefully. As in all EU countries, this is to be followed by a six-month national registration period. So earliest launch of e-cigarettes in the Norwegian market will be January 2019.

Earliest launch of e-cigarettes in the Norwegian market will be January 2019.

Until then you can buy nicotine-free e-cigarettes on the Norwegian market. If you absolutely need it, you can purchase nicotine liquid on the web, and mix with the nicotine-free e-juice. If so, we recommend that you purchase pharmaceutical grade nicotine liquid from TPD compliant webshop in Europe.

In order to reduce the potential burden of disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) successfully rallied 168 countries to sign the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2003. The Convention is designed to push for effective legislation and its enforcement in all countries to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco.

Are you still smoking traditionally cigarettes?

«e-cigarettes are 95% safer than cigarettes and are an effective quitting aid»
Public Health England in an evidence review about e-cigarettes

Well, what can we say? E-cigarettes is proven 95% safer than cigarettes, an effective quitting aid, far less costly than cigarettes, and so much more trendy and sexy. Start a better life today, follow the stars, go Smoke Without Fire.

Follow the stars

Hollywood stars and celebs are adopting the new trend. As conscious consumers they choose the healthier solution, making a “Smoke Without Fire” environment for themselves and their family and friends.

So what are you waiting for?

The green light?

You got it.