No3 Sour Apple

No3 Recyclable disposable vape / e-cigarette

We are now proud to launch Nordic Light No3, a new and improved disposable vape, with 600 puffs.

Improved – Smarter – Greener

Improved e-juice with 30% water! Which gives a better taste experience!

Just like with our No2, we have pure and tasty Nordic flavours!

We are launching 3 popular flavours now: Grape Ice, Blueberry Ice and Sour Apple.

Stay tuned, we will be launching new flavours shortly.

Nordic Light® No3 is a disposable vape of high environmentally friendly quality in an elegant recyclable design, with a soft-touch finish.

With 2ml tank and 20mg nicotine salt No3 offers a top user experience with up-to 600 puffs.

No3 is green and good!

The e-juice includes Nicotine Salt, which increase user experience and satisfaction.


No3 offers up-to 600 puffs*.

*(600 puffs are calculated in a puff machine and one puff corresponds to one puff from a tobacco cigarette. This means that 600 puffs replace approximately 60 tobacco cigarettes for a smoker).

It is important to note that most people get a different user behaviour when they switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. A vape is often used more frequently, because it is available and can be used at any time. This means that you often vape more than you smoke.

Then it is good to know that Public Health England has concluded that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.


Material: Recyclable shell

Battery capacity: 450 mah built-in

Capsule capacity: 2ml pre-filled e-juice

E-juice mix: 40% VG, 30% Water, 25% PG

Nicotine salt: 2%

Nicotine per puff: 66,66 uq

Number of puffs: 600 puffs *

Dimensions:96mm - Diameter: 17mm

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