E cigarette with refillable pod – Perhaps the best in the world – Nordic Light No5

Are you looking for an e-cigarette that is easy and safe to use?

Nordic Light No5 is an elegant, discreet and user-friendly e-cigarette, or vape pen if you will, which gives everything from beginners to advanced users a good vaping experience, with satisfactory strength and vapor to cope with the transition from tobacco cigarettes.

No5 is a simple and intuitive e-cigarette, with auto-activation. No need to push the button when you vape. Just take a puff and your good to go.

No5 is safe and secure to use. With a top-filled e-pod, it is also leak-free.

You can buy an extra ePod separately, here.

You can buy e-juice to refill the e-pod, here.

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With the touch button, you can turn the e-cigarette on and off and adjust the strength in three levels, to adapt strength and vapor to your needs.

The elegant blue LED light in the front, indicates both battery level and set power.

This is a friend for life. Nordic Light No5 vibrates when you touch the touch button, when you set the volume, and when you turn it on and off. If you get a little eager and puff too much, it will let you know by vibrating and going into sleep mode, so that it avoids getting heated.

With easy and safe refill, without leakage, and just as easy and fast charging of the battery, via a USBC charger, you have a good friend in No5, who you can take with you everywhere. An e-cigarette that fits in your pocket, purse, in the car, at work, and in your free time.

The package includes battery, USBC charger, a refillable e pod and user manual.


Batteries are consumables. An e cigarette battery has an approximate life of 200 charges or more. With us you get a one-year warranty on Nordic Light No5 batteries.

An e-pod usually has a lifespan of 10 fillings. When you experience increased resistance in the mouthpiece, or that you are not happy with the amount of steam, or that you get a slightly burnt taste, then it is time to change the e-pod.

Most people prefer to have several e-pods with different flavours, so you do not have to rinse the pod between flavour changes.

We have e-juice for every taste. Most people want to start with tobacco or menthol in the transition from tobacco cigarettes. Eventually you often develop a palate for other tastes. See information about Nordic Light e-juice here.


Measures only: 116mm x 20mm x 12mm (with e-pod)

Battery: Rechargeable 450mAh Li-Ion

Voltage: 2.8V / 3.0V / 3.3V

Watt: 8W / 9W / Full power

Charging: USBC

Warranty: One-year limited warranty

Charging time: 60 minutes

e-pod: 2ml

Coil resistance: 1.2Ω (ohm)

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